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Hebei Hejian Tianhong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is located in Hejian city of Hebei province, in the center of Beijing-Tianjin-Shijiazhuang Delta and the hinterland of North China Plain, with national highway 106 and Baoding-Cangzhou Expressway running through. Our company covers an area of 28,000 square meters, owns a building area of 6,600 square meters, has more than 90 employees currently including 20 or more technical personnel, and possesses 200-plus sets of production and testing devices. We are a professional manufacturer of diesel engine sets, generator sets, automobile and agricultural vehicle starting engines, generators, batteries and related accessories.
Ever since the establishment, we have always adhered to taking “Innovative Management” as our business philosophy and “Integrity and Sincerity” as our business tenet. Over the years, we have introduced advanced technologies and modern management technologies both at home and abroad, have been pursuing technological innovation and making our products always in the leading level in the industry. Relying on more than ten year of abundant experience in production and scientific research, we constantly launch more economical, more eco-friendly, more energy-saving, better and more innovative technical products to the market.
We produce Baotianhong series products to strive for an industry-leading brand, so that we constantly make innovation in our products and implement the ISO9001/TC-16949 Quality Management System and CCC Quality System strictly, ensuring the technical content of our products as well as stable product quality.
In a tenet of “developing economy, serving the society”, being technology-oriented and in the principle of “taking producing high-quality products as our corporate life”, we provide users with more and better products and services.
General Manager Zhang Baohong, together with all the staff, sincerely welcomes manufacturers and distributors around China to establish cooperation relations with us! Welcome to visit our company!


Create products satisfying customers

“Solidarity” is the basic guiding ideology for the good development of an enterprise. Form a situation of being of one mind through communication, collaboration, cooperation and creating a fair and impartial business environment.


To make the highest-quality products and provide the most sincere service

“Struggle” in work should be accurate and efficient, when completing tasks, we should have the heroic feeling of “he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”, should have the heroism of “never bow, never admit defeat, wipe away the tears, hold on”; and when developing realistic stage goals, we should encourage moderate advance and oppose waste and exaggeration.


Enterprise Spirit

"Unity and Hard Work, Love and Dedication; Constant Innovation, Dare to Be the First"

Dare to Be the First is the source for success in career. We should dare to study, dare to practice and make innovation. We should study and adapt in changes, generate and develop in adaption, and regard daring to study and make innovation as a competence.



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Hebei Hejian Tianhong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Zhang
Add:Hejian Economic Development Zone, Cangzhou, Hejian

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